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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 11, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> good day, new york. tuesday, august 11th, i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, everybody, i'm greg kelly. a steady rain is going to be with us for most of the day. take a peek outside, yeah, can't see the top of the world trade center. lots of rain could get heavy at times, mike woods has the details. >> nearly two dozen people were arrested in ferguson, missouri, protesters demonstrating in the same area where gunfire erupted the night before, there's looting going on. we have the latest on what's going on in that area. >> legionnaires' disease, is this contained or is it still a problem? well, the death toll has now increased to 12. the worst case ever. and there's back and forth
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bickering between the state of new york and the city on how best to handle all this. >> and police are looking for the three people shown in this video. this reportedly began with a road rage confrontation -- >> and ended with a road rage confrontation. all right, take a look at this panda bear, pregnant or not pregnant? >> it's hard to tell. >> well, it's eating bamboo, but that's what they do. >> she craves bamboo. >> she, right. >> with a side of pickles. [laughter] >> and midnight ice cream? is she acting weird and crazy? i hear that's what happens when you're pregnant. >> you can be hormonal, just be careful -- [laughter] >> exactly. this panda bear might be pregnant, they're not sure, and guess what? they really don't find out until like the day before it gives birth. >> that's it? so they don't have morning sickness and all that stuff we have to contend with.
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>> here's the deal, the panda might be imagining it. back in april it was artificially inseminated, but you never know if that takes or not. >> so pandas can have fake pregnancies too. there's some women out there who show signs of pregnancy, but it's all in their minds. >> i'm learning this for the first time from rosanna scotto. meanwhile, you and i had quality time -- >> have you ever heard of fly boarding? >> that's the wrong picture. >> anyway, fly boarding -- >> oh, that's another wrong picture. [laughter] >> there we go. >> this is fly boarding. rosanna and i are attempting it. she's on the right, i'm on the left. >> this is, like, sad. >> fall after fall after fall until one of us figures it out. >> you did really well, greg. >> this is poor jefferson, by the way, we'll meet the guys -- >> no wonder why my back side hurts today. [laughter]
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>> sooner or later, there's rosanna. this is her wright brothers' style flight. >> did you slow this down? >> yes. you're up, she's flying, and she's crashing. >> yeah. >> now let's see it for real, baby. >> there you are again, couple of seconds. >> let's see you. >> huh? huh? >> you were a maniac. >> i'm flying. >> this is, like, realtime. >> do i look fat? >> no. >> okay, good. this is hard. they said it was really easy. it took me -- took you, too -- an extra long time. >> first of all, it's like the opposite of water skiing. i kept thinking it was going to be like water skiing, but it's not. you have to keep your legs straight, no bend, and you have nothing to hold onto, and it's all balance. >> here comes a good fall. boom. we're going to meet the guys who do it for a living. >> that guy jimmy, he's crazy good, right?
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>> he's like evel knievel. >> it's called fly boarding, and we highly recommend it. you're not injured, you're exhausted though. >> i'm exhausted. it was so funny, because we drove home together, and greg was in my car, and i go, i don't even know if i can drive. i was exhausted! >> you were delirious. couple of blows of the head, but you seem relatively normal today. [laughter] >> we saw him, we had, like, a chance -- >> family gathering. >> -- spontaneous gathering on friday night. >> he was normal. >> i ended up doing some kind of faux dance with my sister finish. [laughter] i showed it to several people because, well, that's another picture. [laughter] i showed it to several people about your dancing skills, and they agree you can't dance. >> what are you talking about? [laughter]
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that's good, what are you talking about? >> whoa! >> doing a few things together, see? [laughter] >> if that's what you call it. anyway -- [laughter] it was nice. even the kelly boys were there. >> exactly. >> the kelly boys were there, and it was -- >> wild and out. >> yeah. anyway, good to be back at work with you guys. did i miss anything? >> you were gone for a day. >> no, i was gone for two days. i heard you had miss usa or miss america one day. >> she was fun. >> and coco, she was in? >> i don't even remember -- >> that was friday. >> all right, she was very nice. [laughter] rain outside to. >> i know, what happened? >> oh, you didn't hear ant that? >> yesterday was so gorgeous. >> now we're going to get poured upon. it only lasts for a day. i know, she's all sad. at least it's not one of your >> exactly. >> we've got a good amount of rain, we kind of need, we're behind.
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so we'll take what we can get. we could get somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 inches. anyhow, flash flood watch in effect for the green-shaded counties through 4:00 this afternoon, most of that heavier rain is coming through right now. even as we speak, localized flooding could be a problem, and the core of the heaviest stuff is coming through, again, right now heading into western long island, and eventually up into connecticut as well. a pretty good swath of rain for the time being, but back behind it we've got more of the light to moderate showers that will be working through, and then behind that it's more about the more scattered storms which could be on the stronger side. that comes through mainly in the afternoon and evening hours for us. right now it's the heavier, solid rain that we have coming on birks 72 at central park, that's your durant temp, as well as buy work and belmar. 63 in monticello. up to the north and west, no big surprise, it is ceerl.
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as that cold front swings by late arer, that's when you're more likely to see some of the scattered thunderstorms that pop up from time to time. but after that goes by, we do expect drier skies. with some of those thunderstorms we could see strong winds including gusty winds along with the bigger storms in the afternoon. anyhow, quieter tomorrow. we're not completely in the clear, but we should see more sunshine tomorrow along with warmer temps. they're going to hang out for the rest of the week. today it's on the cooler side, high temp in the city close to 80 degrees with showers and storms and an occasional strong storm not out of the question. lows tonight between 62-70, and there's your seven-day forecast. high of 80 today, but 85 tomorrow. again, a few isolated storms tomorrow, and even quieter thursday and friday. let's bring in ines rosales and get the latest on what it's like on the roads and the rails. goods morning. >> a lot going on this morning. let's talk about airports first. laguardia, arrival delay one
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hour and ten minutes. lie, patches of delays approaching queens boulevard. let's go to our cameras, take a look at your commute on long island. this is what mike's talking about, wet roadways. traffic's slow this morning, so be prepared for some delays. eastbound side is fine. let's talk about the trains. metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit are fine. the path trains, equipment problems. they're doing emergency construction suspending service between hoe beaken and the world -- hoboken and the world trade center. 3 3rd through the hoboken line normally runs during the overnight hours, new jersey transit they're cross-honoring tickets. >> it's quiet right now in ferguson, missouri, but through last night into this morning police had arrested nearly two dozen people. protests continuing for a fourth night, so is the looting. >> hundreds of demonstrators
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marking the one year that's passed since michael brown was shot in a confrontation with a white police officer. bottles and rocks were thrown last night at officers. protesters want changes to what they call a racist law enforcement system. the county issued a state of emergency. listen to this. >> we spent a great deal of time, we spent a great deal of money, and we've devoted quite a bit to rebuilding ferguson, and i do not want to see it burnt down or looted. >> we'll continue to resist and call for those who sit in seats of power to take the same kind of urgency as well. >> on sunday night one man was shot, tyrone harris. police say he shot at them. officers returned fire. he's now critically injured, his family says the police aren't telling the right story. so we hope calm ultimately prevails in ferguson. >> is legionnaires' disease on the decline? we know the death toll has risen to 12.
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several new sites have tested positive for the bacteria that has infected a total of 113 people. >> many new yorkers are concerned about this and these cooling towers, they're at the center of it. when to clean 'em, how to clean 'em. the state wants aggressive action, so does the city, but there is conflict between the two entities. >> plus, where are they? we're still learning. they're getting the information on where all these cooling centers are. >> well, the cooling units on top of the buildingses. >> yeah. >> carrie drew has more from the south bronx. >> 18 cooling towers have tested positive for this legion knell la bacteria including one on top of this building behind me. this is the daughters of jacob nursing facility on teller avenue. this legionnaires' outbreak is officially the largest the city has ever seen, but with no new cases diagnosed in almost a week, city officials believe this outbreak may finally be over. >> i'm in a weakened state, so i'm very much concerned. >> some residents of the
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daughters of jacob nursing home in the bronx are worried. the bacteria was detected in the cooling tower of their building, and though nobody here has gotten sick from the potentially deadly disease, residents are still on edge. >> i figure we live here, you know, we pay to stay here, we should know what's going on here. >> so far 12 people have died from legionnaires 'in the south bronx and 113 are sick. but city officials say there is a promising sign; nobody has reported getting sick in the last six days. >> we have encouraging news that points to the end of this outbreak, and the rate of new cases has slowed, and we know that people are seeking care. >> city officials say cooling towers in 18 buildings have tested positive for the back tier california on monday night crews were decontaminating the dhs path intake center on east 151st street. mayor de blasio has announced emergency legislation that would require every cooling tower in the city to be registered with the department of buildings.
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cooling towers would also have to be regularly cleaned and inspectioned. >> inspections will occur quarterly, and potentially dangerous levels of microbes must be report ared to the department of health. failure to comply with this law will be considered major violation, and building owners will be penalized. >> at the same time as mayor de blasio's news conference, governor cuomo heard a news conference where he urged building owners to have their cooling towers checked. >> people are getting sick, people are dying. building owners who are not complying, i believe, will face legal consequences. >> but for those with relatives in this nursing home, they're still concerned. >> i hope my aunt does not get sick. she been living here already for a couple of months, and i hope she does not get sick. >> there are some questions at this point as to why the mayor and the governor held separate news conferences where they addressed this legionnaires' outbreak of. this has led some reports to say
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this is about an ongoing rift between the mayor and the governor. the governor says the city and the state are working together on this and, quote, are fully coordinated on every level. now, as for those 12 victims who have died as a result of legionnaires' city health officials say all of them did have other health problems. that's the late live from here in the bronx, rosanna and greg, back to you. >> thanks a lot, carrie drew. >> all right. one of our friends, a good day new york good friend, sandra lee, she's going to undergo surgery today for complications related to her double mastectomy. >> there she is with governor cuomo, longtime companion of the governor. she posted this picture on facebook yesterday and a note explaining why this surgery is necessary. >> she says that she tried modern medicine, eastern holistic treatment but, quote, infection is an incredible monster. she was rushed to the hospital last wednesday but went home
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over the weekend, was treated with heavy doses of antibiotics. she underwent a double mastectomy back in may, so this morning she's having surgery, and we send her our very best. >> there she is on the good day new york show a few days back. meanwhile, we have this, a road rage incident on camera. this is in new jersey, brick township. >> yep, police say a man was driving saturday when the driver of the car pulled up to his jeep, began yelling at him. both drivers got out of their vehicles, began fighting. >> all i see really are people running away at this point. >> then two passengers in the car joined in on the brawl -- >> some sort of struggle. >> someone stabbed the driver of the jeep with a small knife before the three got back into their car and left. police are searching for them. >> okay, nj transit all messed up thanks to that 100-year-old tunnel underground. these delay ares, get used to 'em, it's the new normal, and that's coming from a senior executive at amtrak. >> yeah.
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amtrak officials say without a plan in place to replace this hudson river train crossing, the problems will only get worse. oh, that's great. teresa priolo has more from rutherford, new jersey, this morning. >> good morning, everyone. yeah, the really bad news for people who rely on nj transit, people like those commuters here in rutherford who are walking to the train. 200,000 people take amtrak and new jersey transit every day, and they travel through the hudson rail tunnel. it's considered the highest density rail operation in all of north america, and it's falling apart. the problem is, nobody wants to pay for it. >> to wait until the worst possible thing happens would seem to be very shortsighted. so i hope that we can be proactive and build the kind of infrastructure this city deserves. >> riders and politicians agree, something needs to be done about the hudson river crossings. with a looming $14 billion price tag, lawmakers are weighing the
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possibility of building a new hudson river tunnel that would carry 200,000 daily new jersey transit and amtrak riders. bill? amtrak officials met yesterday with new jersey state lawmakers to discuss the dire need for a new tunnel. >> every day we push the limits of this infrastructure by making such extensive use of such fragile assets. >> the equipment is outdated, and the tunnels are over 100 years old and were damaged by superstorm sandy. every day these trains chug along, but they failed the week of july 20th. hundreds of thousands of riders failure. act track official steven garner testified situations like this will soon become the norm. >> given the age, the ongoing damage from superstorm sandy and the intense utilization of these tunnels, issues like the recent disruptions are not likely to be entirely preventable and, in fact, may increase. >> the federal government is money. the governors of new york and
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new jersey are saying, no way, we want grants, not loans. fearing they could be on the hook for the full bill and overrun costs. am truck admits if a new -- am talk admits a new tunnel wouldn't be built until 2025 at the earliest. a priest $9 billion tunnel project was in the works. the feds offered to pay a third of that prompt, but governor christie scrapped it fearing new jersey would be on the hook for the final tab. now, there's a meeting on august 18th. governor christie will be there, so will senator corey booker, they'll be meeting with the transportation secretary. governor cuomo has been invited, but at this point he says he's not going to intend unless they are really serious about fixing this problem. a lot of people are saying this doesn't just impact commuters, there's a big concern it will also impact business and drive a lot of business out of new york and new jersey and down south where the infrastructure is a lot younger and their commuting problems are a lot less. that's the latest from rutherford this morning, back to both of you.
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>> yeah. but then you've got to live in the south. i mean, like south carolina, way down there? >> like the carolinas and atlanta, georgia. >> hotlanta? >> stay here, baby. maybe for a business trip. mike woods, it's raining all over the place. >> it is, yes. it took a while, but it's happening. we do have a flash flood watch in effect for the green-shaded counties until 4:00 this afternoon. looking for about 1-3 inches of rain after this is all said and done and moving out of the area. so far at central park about a quarter of an inch of rain, but more to come. we need the rain, that's for sure. this is what we've seen so far for the year, 25.13 inch obviously rain not including today. normally, we would have just over 30 inches, so we're little more than five inches below normal which is significant but not necessarily a huge problem for us just yet. we definitely could take the rain, and we're getting it right now. looks like the heaviest is coming into nassau county and
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from brooklyn and queens, coming out of that area. over into connecticut, yes, everyone's getting those showers, and looks like more to come. 71 at central park with rain out there. dewpoints are are very high, between 65-70, and that means the air is loaded up with moisture as these fronts cross through the tristate region. area of low pressure with the warm front lifting through, cold front behind it. actually, as the cold front comes by, that will have the potential to bring not only showers, but storms which could be on the stronger side, so be aware of that with gusty winds later on for the afternoon and evening commute. high temp up to 80 today, 85 tomorrow. maybe a few peeks of sun later this afternoon, i'm not counting on too much for that as far as that goes. drier skies thursday, friday and saturday as well. by the way, got a birthday shoutout to ryan, turning 6 years old, and he wanted to be on tv for his sixth birthday, so there you go, buddy. hope you have a fantastic one.
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let's bring in ines now and see what's happening to our not so happy commute this morning. we've got a mess. >> oh, definitely. take a look, a lot of red, especially as we get into the city. westside highway, southbound, there's a stall slowing everyone down. garden state northbound local lanes, exit 114, watch out for an accident. bradley avenue on staten island expressway, a little ponding possible. haven't heard of major flooding, but you do have traffic movement slow eastbound. staten island bound, traffic's slower than normal, a combination of the weather and a stall earlier. george washington bridge, upper and lower levels, both a 20-minute delay. lincoln tunnel, 30-40, the holland tunnel, 10, and the path trains, a huge mistake if you're coming out of hoboken. we have limit ared service between journal square and 33rd street and is suspended between hoboken and the world trade center because of emergency track work.
7:21 am
new jersey transit will be cross-honoring tickets. >> ines, thanks. take a peek outside to. this is one of those slow, steady rains that lasts all day. you can't wait out this rain, wait until it gets -- no. >> yeah. but there's going to be parts where it's going to be heavier than others, so right now i think we're in the heavy part. which is great. just stay in and watch us, right? >> all right. if you can introducing dunkin's new fruit smoothies. perfectly blended with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> hey. guess who's back? the guardian angels. >> wow, back on foot patrol. apparently, you know, they decided that they thought they could be more useful to the city because of this recent spike in violent crime. and especially in central park. it's up 28% from this time last year. >> well, there's, what, about a half dozen of them taking the park. they have not conducted patrols in two decades in central park. now, the guardian angels not without controversy. certainly, curtis not a stranger to controversy, but here's what he had to say. >> in order to keep central park the crown jewel of new york city, we need to put boots on the ground, we need to get guardian angels back in central park. >> all right, and he's done that. they point to a spike in crime. they also had tough words for the mayor in print. i think on his radio show, too -- he was very mild-handerred there, rosanna.
7:25 am
>> if the man won't let the cops do their job, then we, the citizens, will have to take that -- >> so, wait, was that. >> the first was all him. >> okay. >> that's the kind of thing he says on the radio. >> you're right. anyway, we did reach out to the mayor's office for a comment on the guardian angels' patrol, but they were too busy. >> you heard about this over the weekend, a guy and a girl went kayaking up near hyde park. the young lady on the left is okay, but the young man -- >> that's annie eleven are knox's daughter, you know, the singer? >> yes the guy on the right, ian jones, a model and photographer are, it's believed his body was recovered yesterday, and an autopsy will be performed. again, they were kayaking over the weekend, and they were not wearing life jackets. >> and there's some talk maybe that they might have been drinking as well. anyway, annie lennox's daughter
7:26 am
was picked up by a boat that was passing by. she was not seriously hurt, but now we think that they found the body of her boyfriend. >> so this panda bear might be pregnant in the national zoo in washington d.c. watching pandas from time to time is a national craze. >> yes. >> what's the latest here? >> well, officials at the national zoo in washington say mae zing is showing signs of being pregnant. she is nest building, and she's eating up a storm. [laughter] >> she was artificially inseminated back in april. this could be, they say, an imagined pregnancy. humans and pandas are known to do this from time to time. >> by the way, they say she's sleeping more and eating less, which was the opposite of what i did. >> by the way -- [laughter] >> i ate more and more and more. >> good for you. >> anyway, if she's pregnant, this would be her third cub -- >> they're not going to know until, like, the day before she gives birth. they can't approach. ultra sound, apparently the way the fetus grows, so small, an
7:27 am
ultrasound would not detect it, and once the panda does deliver, they'll have to do a jerry springer-style paternity test to figure out the dad daddy. >> who's the daddy? >> two males -- can i guess the sperm wasn't artificially inseminated. two males. >> we'll see who the baby looks like. [laughter] got that be the test. good day's coming right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars.
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among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit at sesame place. go before they grow.
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>> rutherford, new jersey, not too far from the stadium, huh? >> rutherford. >> what else is going on? let's take a look at midtown if we can. it's raining all over the place. >> it doesn't look so bad. i mean, you know, the worst is when it's really heavy and even with the umbrellas you're going to get -- >> could somebody please put a shopping bag over the guy with the abs? >> that make you feel bad? >> i understand sometimes women you feel those glorified bodies -- >> right. we have to deal with this. that guy on the right? >> him! >> oh, that's fantastic. who is he?
7:31 am
>> of course, yesterday rosanna and i went to the beach, and there was that momentary, okay, here we go, taking off the shirt. >> i wet suited it. >> good for you. that does cover up a lot are. not that you need covering up. >> thank you, no, it does cover up. >> we wanted to try fly boargd. it took us a while to figure it out. rosanna's on the right, i'm on the left. >> i look so ridiculous. [laughter] >> the falls were kind of spectacular. ultimately, rosanna, you figured it out. let's see rosanna. you gotta slow-mo it, but she does get up there. here she goes. >> ooh, baby! i can fly! [laughter] >> this is about four seconds, then you slowed it down to ten. >> hey, guess who was worried sick on the shore watching rosanna the whole time? i was chill, but the dog would not stop barking. >> she was so worried, by the way. she had a great day at the beach yesterday. >> all right. >> you were doing nothing to
7:32 am
comfort lulu, by the way. >> the only thing you could say down! that's the only thing i heard you say. >> i'm like, pull up your pants! this is a g-rated show. >> but, hello, look who's maintaining equilibrium? >> you know what? you were amazing, i have to say. >> amazing? >> no, he was. i mean, you don't realize, this is all balance. >> check out the altitude. altitude. this is about a minute or so, and then crashing time. >> ooh. >> lots of fun. oh, how much does this, how much did this run us, by the way? we'll have to to find out from american express in a month. >> jimmy's going to be here at 9:00, and he'll tell you. i mean, i wonder, mine -- i went up three or four times and got up ten seconds? what should it cost? [laughter] >> you're kind of banged up. >> my backside's feeling it this morning. >> it's a lot of fun.
7:33 am
you can do much more than we can do with it. >> wait until you see what jimmy can do. you think he's a dolphin. is he down? nope, he was picking up fish and coming back out of the water. [laughter] >> it was something to see. that. it's kind of cool. mike, have you ever done that? >> i have not. it looks interesting. it looks fun. >> how's your balance? >> it's pretty good. i think i could do it. tired. you probably got a lot of water in your system. >> yeah. i definitely took a nice plunge. i don't have great balance, and i think if you don't, you can't do it. >> we saw that. [laughter] boom. all right. in the meantime -- >> we try. we tried. >> yep. and better yesterday than today. >> oh, man. >> what a mess we have right now. and even some thunderstorms in the mix out around the tristate region. be aware of that, and here's what to expect as we go forward through the day. we have a flash flood watch in effect for a good part of the tristate region.
7:34 am
1-3 inches of rain is what we are looking at today. the heaviest is going to be from now until about noon, and then more scattered in terms of thunderstorms coming to you, some of which could be on the strong side, producing gusty winds. doesn't look like a complete washout of a day, but it's not the best. the worst of it's coming through right now. and, in fact, it's coming into the central sections of long island, that main, heavier line of showers and storms, but back behind there's still plenty of moderate with a few pockets of heavier rain making their way through new jersey. again, up until around on that is when the worst of it will be coming through. but, yeah, going to see some problems out there with localized flooding. temp wise we're at 71 in central park. bridgeport be, 72. 69 in poughkeepsie. temps will come up after the rain intensity backs down a bit, but that's happening until we get beyond lunchtime after that front goes by, and then we'll
7:35 am
see drier skies into tomorrow and even drier as we head into thursday and friday. temp wise, again, we try to make it up to the about 80 for a high this afternoon, 85 tomorrow. dry canner skies thursday, friday and saturday, another small risk of a storm in the afternoon. let's bring in ines at this point, good morning. >> good morning, mike. definitely on the roads and rails, both of them problems this morning. we had an accident -- actually, a stall on the westside highway southbound by 125th street, delays go back to the henry hudson parkway and affecting the george washington bridge. then the triboro bridge, expect delays. there's an accident blocking three lanes. traffic heavy there. the if you're heading into queens, it's find. it's just bronx-bound you have that problem. new jersey in middle sex, 287 northbound, exit 12, approaching route 22 an accident. then you have a bit of a delay here. traffic slow here as you approach exit 3 there by the turnpike.
7:36 am
hudson river crossings a mess this morning. 20 minutes on the gwb upper/lower level which is kind of normal. lincoln tunnel, 45-50. there's a stall in the exclusive bus lanes, so that's affecting the bus lanes, and all the buses are end up using the main line of the lincoln tunnel, so expect more delays as you reach that area. 25 at the holland tunnel at the turn bike. let's look at your complete on the lie at terry road, traffic slow, there's an accident by vets highway. if you're taking the train, the pass trains, we have an update, there's been some track condition. they just resumed service between journal square/33rd via hoboken. they resume service, but expect a lot of delays traveling out of hoboken. >> thanks so much. donald trump still dominating the news cycles. looks like he's declared peace with fox news. >> which is good. >> there was a bit of a beef after that first debate, but he's still on top. what happens next? >> well, today he was on "fox &
7:37 am
friends", and juliet huddy has been monitor what he said. >> yes. >> how did it go? >> well, it went -- it was surprisingly low key on husband first ace -- his first appearance on fox news from thursday's debate. trump, who is leading the gop field significantly, appeared on "fox & friends" moments ago. the now-infamous verbal battle with news anchor megyn kelly didn't come up at all. it seems perhaps after addressing the issue last night on her show, both sides seem to have moved on. this morning trump did talk about his republican challengers as well as and the now-contentious issues of campaign donations. >> i give to everybody. when i was a businessman, you know, as of about two months ago i became maybe a different kind of a person. but, you know, my life is much different now. i'm running for office. i've never done that before. but, you know, for my whole life i would give to everybody e steve, everybody.
7:38 am
and, frankly, people treated me very nicely. they always returned my calls, etc., etc. and that's not really a good thing for the system. i mean, the system is based on that. when i look at bush raising $114 million, everybody that gave him money, every single one of those people that gave him money is getting something, okay? i guarantee you that. >> so, again, he's leading in the polls despite, you know, kind of a crazy debate there. he is hitting the campaign trail today -- >> he didn't call anybody a disaster or a loser today on "fox & friends." no. he kind of held back a bit today. >> what about stupid? >> i didn't hear stupid. he actually said scott walker, he thinks he's a really nice guy. if you missed him this morning, you can watch him tonight on hannity on fox news channel. >> wow. all right. donald trump, the momentum continues. >> yeah. maybe he should use some italian words, instead of saying stupid --? >> first of all, it sounds worse than it is. i mean, really --
7:39 am
>> it means, like, it doesn't sound like stupid. >> he's not italian. [laughter] when you say it, it sounds very ominous. let's go outside, take a look. what other bad news do you know -- bad words do you know in italian? >> don't get me started. >> i like your italian accent. speak in accent.
7:40 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. well, we've got a wet tuesday going on in the tristate. this is the life radar picking up the heaviest showers in the western sections of long island, coming into suffolk county as we speak, through fairfield county, westchester, over toward rockland and putnam county, the heaviest showers coming to you even as we speak. localized flooding could be a problem especially in the five boroughings and, basically, most of the metro areas. we've got rain at central park right now, 71 degrees. humidity and dewpoint are very high as this area of low pressure works with the warm front, the cold front, it's all going to make for a messy morning commute. later in the afternoon it becomes more scattered in terms of thunderstorms with still some heavier downpours even in the
7:43 am
afternoon, and there could be well. high temp, we make it up to about 80 for you in the city later on this afternoon. it will be humid too, but tomorrow it's all pretty much out of here. back to partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies. an isolated storm up north is all we are looking for. sunny. more isolated storms as we head into saturday. the fox 5ny weather app is at the ien tunes store and google play store and also get weather alerts as well as interactive radar which you can take all the way down to the street level where you are. let's get you to ines rosales and see what we have going on for this very sloppy tuesday commute. >> it definitely is sloppy. queens, delays at the airports, laguardia, one hour on arrivals, jfk, one hour as well. newark hasn't posted any delays, just be prepared. take a look, meanwhile, the lie, slow spots by the cross island
7:44 am
parkway, normal delays by queens boulevard, the van wick slow. take a look at your commute, on the lie, terry road, there's an stent in the area westbound. hov lanes are moving fine. the triborrow bridge starting to see delays back into queens. traffic slow bronx-manhattan bound. on the triboro bridge, there's an accident blocking three lanes. belts parkway, that's a normal delay this front of jfk. greg and rosanna. >> i think we were on every single road that you just mentioned in our trip yesterday. >> we went to a gorgeous little beach. >> how was the traffic? >> well -- >> coming home together, but you destroy very nicely. >> i got to drive rosanna's car. both of us together could not figure out the internal gps, navigation system. >> oh, boy. >> and it's your car! >> thanks, ines. >> let's talk about the mets.
7:45 am
>> duke, you're the expert, how are they doing? >> resurgent mets. boy, they've become a different team since the trade deadline. coming back to citi field still in first place, taking on the rockies. bottom of the second, facing john gray and was out of here. solo blast makes it 1-zip, met. terry collins said they could be dangerous. i agree. rockies up 2-1 in the seventh. mets loaded the bases and then former yankee boone logan on for the rockies and plunks curtis granderson, and that forces in travis darnell and ties it up. very next pitch, daniel murphy. how weird is it to see jose reyes in a rockies' on you form? mets up 4-2. the nationals beat the dodgers, so the mets stay one and a half games up in the nl least.
7:46 am
remember, he's been on the dl since mid april. going one for three. he'll play third base, and after he leaves the field tonight, they'll see how he feels tomorrow. steven matt's on the disabled list since july 10th throwing yesterday in port st. louis by -- port st. lucie. he could be back around september 1st. the yankees had the night off. they'll open up a three-game series with the indians tonight out in cleveland. and toronto, if you're wondering how they did, they also had the night off. new york rangers and jared stall, well, they're coming together. stall getting a second chance. they signed him to a one-year, $800,000 deal back in april. he was arrested on suspicion of
7:47 am
having cocaine and ec -- ecstasy -- >> he goes out with that espn roaferltd, right? >> fox now. erin andrews. staal completed 32 hours of community service. finally, when it comes to catching ball at a ballpark, don't be this guy. if you're this guy, you better make sure you candidate. baltimore at seattle. fan tries to catch it, wait, uses his hat -- >> he caught it. >> no, he didn't. >> oh, too bad. >> good try. >> oh. >> good try, man. >> good try, but you gotta catch it. >> duke, you want him to jump the railing? >> he could hurt himself. >> how about this guy right here? now, it's a different guy. >> they really want a ball. >> you allowed to do that? >> no, but, you know, it's a baseball game. maybe there was a beverage involved. [laughter] this guy tries to use his hat. he misses. bottom line here my advice, my commentary, if you're going to
7:48 am
use your hat, make sure you candidate. if you don't and you lose your hat, the usher shouldn't have to bring it back to you. >> that's very useful. i'll remember that the next time i use my hat to catch a ball. [laughter] >> i like it when you wear a hat. >> thanks, dueck. >> no, you borrowed my hats in the office -- >> i feel like sometimes the flexing is going to be involved in this in, like, two seconds. >> yeah. duke's really impressed with his body these days. >> it looks good. it does look good. anyway, good day's coming right back with. the weather not looking so good.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> your pectora >> all right. dr. raj's music is playing. >> my song. hell hello. >> do you hate it when people say, what's up, doc? >> no. way. it's gotten a little old to. [laughter] >> dr. raj, m.d., what's going on? >> well, we're talking about prematurity and how it can affect children in their school-age years. this is coming out of mass general in boston, and it shows those who are considered late preterm, babies born between
7:52 am
34-37 weeks gestation, so they are premature but towards the later end, actually do have some difficulty in terms of kindergarten readiness. they found these children later on at age 5 did have decreased scores in terms of reading, math and comprehension skills and this is just a callout to parents to make sure that they are on top of their preschool years, that you are reading to them, spending time with them, you know, limiting the ipad children. but it's also another point that we need to be careful about prematurity, and this is where the march of dimes works hard in terms of educating young mothers about having the right prenatal care so we can hopefully prevent some of these premature births because there are consequences to it -- >> did we do math in kindergarten? >> they do. my son just finished -- >> like two plus two? >> yeah. >> two plus two, addition, subtraction, it's when it starts.
7:53 am
by the way, everything is starting earlier, this year. >> i never went to kindergarten. >> i know, you skipped it. and not in a good way -- [laughter] you just didn't go. cut school. >> well, i don't think it was required. >> she caught up, she caught up. >> i caught up. [laughter] >> all right. what is a good age to learn how to tie your shoes? >> good question. my kids are 6 and 8, and they're still not good -- i think boys are -- >> you think so? >> it's tough. >> dr. raj, thank you. we need to talk entertainment with anna. >> anna gilligan, back from education. where have you been? tell us every detail. >> i went to nantucket, l.a. and san diego. >> you were all over. >> it was great. >> were there events? >> it was beach vacation, visiting my nephew and sister, then i had a wedding -- >> romance for you? >> so much romance. [laughter] i just want to give greg what he wanted. okay, melissa gilbert is taking a run at congress.
7:54 am
the actress announced she's running for michigan's eighth congressional district yesterday. this is her web site, doesn't say much, just says she wants to help the economy. >> but here she is back in the little house on the prairie days. >> exactly. we all loved her. >> she was so chute -- cute. >> she's facing an uphill battle running as a democrat in solid republican territory. it's also coming out after her announcement that she reportedly owes $360,000 to the irs, so the man she is challenging, representative mike bishop, released a statement saying, quote: she can afford to have a stylist for her dog but cannot pay her taxes? >> politics can be so ugly. >> her values are out of whack with the district. >> i liked her on that show, i can tell you that. >> we all did, yes. and if you've been following kelly rutherford's custody battle, it's not getting any easier. she didn't return their two
7:55 am
children to monaco on thursday -- >> she was in gossip girl, right? >> exactly. she had them in thy for the summer, but california and new york family courts both ruled they no longer have jurisdiction, so she reasoned, quote -- >> that is one small baby -- >> no, that was a dog. >> that's rosie pulp who owns a maternity concierge. >> good thing we established that. [laughter] >> that was a compelling part of the story. kelly realized that, quote, no state in this country is protecting my children, it also means no state in this country currently requires me to send the children away. hence, i have decided i cannot lawfully send my children to live in a foreign country. a new york supreme court judge does not like that she did this, he is making her show up this court today with the two children. it looks like it's very likely they could be on a plane back to monaco. >> this does not make sense. these kids were born in this country. the fact that their father did something wrong and to this point, we still don't even know what the father did, why he
7:56 am
can't come back here. >> visa got revoked. >> full disclosure, rosanna, you're friends with kelly. >> i am. they were going to school here, they were born in this country. you don't send them to europe. monaco's a pretty sweet place to live. >> i know, you can gamble. [laughter] but the judge, he has all the facts. who knows what's in that big file. >> it makes no sense. the original decision was made in california, and you know in california -- >> wow, i don't know in california -- [inaudible conversations] >> okay. the judicial system too? ultimately, is happy. >> yes. we hope the judge is here is a lot more reasonable. >> and in much lighter news, willie nelson is going to perform in prospect park tomorrow. it is a benefit concert that is sold out, but if you go near the bandshell, you can listen to him. medicine --
7:57 am
>> what about julio i depress us? -- i depress whereas? >> i never heard it. but i could listen to you do can that all day. [laughter] >> julio was so cool. to all the girls i loved before, and he'd be like -- who travel inside and out my door. it was ridiculous, but it was a big hit. do you guys remember? >> you're bringing it back. [laughter] >> julio is cool, he's the father of enrique. >> look at you. >> and still with anna
7:58 am
kournikova, if you were what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that
7:59 am
still believes in savoring our food.
8:00 am
change from fox 5 news this is "good day new york". rosanna: it is tuesday, the eleventh of august. i'm grateful ben: rosanna: i am rosanna scotto. it will rain like heck today. down bourse, heavy heavy downpours. ben: this is the rain that will be with us all day long. juliet: two more deaths attributed to legionnaires' disease. live report on what is done today to stop the problem. governor was all over the bronx yesterday, went to several towers.
8:01 am
greg: they're at the heart of the situation. nj transit fouled up and it will stays that way. that from a senior executive with amtrak. is all about that 100-year-old tunnel that goes under the hudson river. all kinds of problems down there. the delays could be with us for years to come. rosanna: the search is on for a gunman who robbed a gas station in the bronx. police are hoping if you look at this video you will know who this person is. greg: wearing a sweatshirt and the mass compelling video here. remembers those guys who jumped off the world trade center with parachutes on? there they are. they got a real scolding from the judge that they are not going to jail as prosecutors wanted. the video was spectacular but they should and have done it. they said they were sorry. the judges not sure how sorry they are. we didn't do anything like that but we did do something cool. rosanna: this is an extreme sport.
8:02 am
greg: it is called slide boarding, you put a jet pack on your feet that blows watered down. it took roseanna, both of us a long time to get the hang of it. arguably we never did. rosanna: is the opposite of waterskiing. greg: roseanne's best flight of the day. rosanna: thank you for slow-motioning it. greg: three 7 slicken ten seconds. greg: there you go. you are two feet up. good for you. rosanna: i get so nervous. greg: you want to see someone who got the hang of it? this is on long island. great guys out there. rosanna: sing a song in your head. greg: it was so loud, quite loud and i wouldn't say it was tranquil, getting some altitude here, maybe not.
8:03 am
having to go down. it was kind of cool. we want to thank jimmy and tailor who showed us how to do it. rosanna: they were in long island, went to talk to it with them. very pretty little community. greg: if you want to see one of these guys, how it is really done, watch this. this guy is incredible. evil and evil. rosanna: he is flying. greg: then he goes into the water and out of the water like the dolphin. rosanna: he caught a fish and david dave: 1 come out again. we were very impressed. we will be back for more lessons, you can find them in suffolk county. rosanna: jimmy will be here in an hour.
8:04 am
rosanna: this as mom on the side. greg: i saw that first in popeye. rosanna: can you do something like this? >> meteorologist: where's the throttle on that thing? greg: the guy on the jet ski as it. >> meteorologist: you are not even in control of yourself. rosanna: nothing to hold onto range you have to keep your legs completely straight. rosanna: you have to be loose at the same time. greg: hard to be loose in that environment. rosanna: i was hyperventilating. relax, and i can't. my legs are going another way. greg: we are glad we did. rosanna: lived to tell the deal. >> meteorologist: better looking day, i got soaked, two minutes. bright here. anyway. check it out. we are always interested in what is going on and we have a flash flood watch and there's a good reason, the rain is coming down
8:05 am
at times, green shaded counties in particular until 4:00 this afternoon. looking at one to three inches of rain coming through this time frame and the 4:00 but we need that rain. so far since january, 21 inches of rain is what we have seen in central park, morton five inches and we need to get this rain as much as possible here but it looks like a lot of the heavier east. folks throughout long island into connecticut will start dealing with heavier showers, a little more broken up over new jersey at this point but that is not to say we are in the clear completely. as won't be as heavy and steady. as we have had so far. more rain to the west and once this main line get through, the main band of showers right around lunchtime in the city, we are going to be at risk for more storms to pop up in the afternoon but there will be or isolated storms as opposed to a solid band of rain coming
8:06 am
through, 71 at central park, winds out of this out that 5 to 10 miles per hour and we expect fairly heavy rain going forward through the day, showers are going to be out there too, a fee because of sunshine, high temperature 80, tomorrow we make up to 85, isolated storm possible, sunnier skies thursday and friday, saturday with an isolated storm possible in the afternoon. now let's get you over to ines rosales and see what the rain has done on the roads and the airways all having problems. ines: a rough commute no matter how you are traveling with richie all lanes are closed if you're traveling westbound in western new jersey, traveling west bound, the poconos area, avoid rte. 80, cvs accident shutting down the roadway by exit 4, east bound some rubbernecking delays, traveling by somerset, that area of total mess. as far as other problems a car fire on 287 northbound by exit
8:07 am
8, delays has the turnpike, as far as airport, one hour at la guardia, one hour with jfk, newark, make sure you call ahead and take a look, a lot of red and orange on a road, very little green, a rough ride out, let's look at your commute on the prospects here. the oneness by the prospect east bound for the bqe, i am noticing slower than normal on the west down side you are fine and the trains, pass trains have had a rough morning so we had some earlier problems between journal square and 33, the world trade center, the delays are still possible, there are power problems disrupting service and expect delays between newark and the world trade center. greg: i we in the middle of the worst outbreak the city has seen. or is the situation contained? hard to tell from the information we are getting from the health department. the death toll has risen to 12. greg: several sites tested
8:08 am
positive for the bacteria. greg: 7 it has infected a total of 113 people. greg: those cooling towers are at the center of this. these things carry the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease, cleaning them is key. rosanna: the governor was all over the bronx yesterday checking out these towers. greg: kerry drew has more from the concourse section of the bronx. kerry: we are here outside the daughters of jacob nursing home facilities, cooling tower on top of this building, one of 18 that tested positive for the bacteria, this legionnaires' outbreak is the largest in new york city history but no new cases have been diagnosed in almost a week and health officials say that is encouraging signs that this is all coming to an end. >> i am very much concerned. >> reporter: the residents of the daughters of jacob nursing home and abroad are worried. legion of bacteria was detected
8:09 am
in the cooling tower of their building and though nobody here has gotten sick from the potentially deadly legionnaires' disease residents are still on edge. >> we live here, we should know what is going on here. >> reporter: 12 people have died in the south bronx, 113 are sick. city officials say there is a promising sign, nobody has reported getting sick in the last six days. >> we have encouraging news that points to the end of this outbreak. the rate of new cases has slowed and we know people are seeking care. >> reporter: cooling towers in 18 buildings have tested positive for the legionella bacteria. crews were decontaminating on east 150 1st street, bill deblasio announced emergency legislation that would require every cooling tower in the city to the registered with the department of buildings. cooling towers would need to be regularly cleaned and inspected
8:10 am
his >> inspections will occur quarterly and potentially dangerous levels of microbes must be reported to the department of health. failure to comply with this law will be considered a major violation and building owners will be penalized. >> reporter: at the same time governor cuomo held news conference where he urged building owners to have their cooling towers checked. >> people are getting sick, people are dying, building owners who are not complying i believe will face legal consequences. marymac those with relatives living in this nursing home there are still concerns. >> does not get sick from this, she had been missing here already for a couple months and i hope she does not get sick. >> reporter: there have been a lot of speculation is why the mayor and governor held separate news conferences to address this outbreak yesterday. over the weekend the governor was quoted as saying the city is fully coordinated on every
8:11 am
level, the city and state health commissioner is working together to tackle this issue. for bronx residents who might have questions about this outbreak there will be another town hall meeting tonight scheduled to take place at 6:30 at the concourse village community center. that is the latest from the bronx, back to you. maryma greg: we hope this is taken care of sin. a guy running a gas station in the bronx, hard to see what he looks like, he has a mask on underneath, but police want help. rosanna: just before 10:00 sunday night. walked in and took out a gun, and demanded money, got away, but $958, if you have information please call crime stoppers, 1-800-577-tips. greg: this is going to be of mass for a long time. all these delays will not be an exceptional. they will be normal according to
8:12 am
a senior executive for the railroad. rosanna: the problem will only get worse. how do we feel about this? teresa priolo has more from rutherford, new jersey. fill us in this morning. >> reporter: when you talk to commuters they say they feel trains are delayed like it is raining like it is today, sunny or windy or a hurricane, there's always something and they hear the problem will get worse. this is troubling news. 200,000 people take amtrak through the hudson rail tunnel every single day and the problem this morning the tunnel needs to be replaced but nobody wants to pay for it. >> to wait until the worst possible thing happens is very shortsighted. i hope we can be proactive and build the kind of infrastructure the city deserves. >> reporter: writers and politicians agree something needs to be done about the hudson river crossing with a living $14 billion pricetag,
8:13 am
lawmakers are weighing the possibility of building a new hudson river tunnel that would carry 200 day in the new jersey transit and amtrak riders. the problem, who will foot the bill. new jersey state lawmakers discuss the dire need for a new tunnel. >> every day we push the limits of this infrastructure by making such extensive use of such fragile assets. >> reporter: the equipment is outdated and the tunnels are over 100 years old and damaged by superstorm sandy. every day these trains chug along but failed week of july 20th. hundreds of thousands of riders impacted by an electrical failure. stephen gardner testified situations like this will soon become of the norm. >> given the age, the ongoing -- the recent disruptions are not likely to be entirely preventable and may increase. >> reporter: learning the states of the money, new york and new
8:14 am
jersey as saying no way we would grants not loans. fearing they could be on the hook for the bill and overrun costs. and point admits of the new tunnel is related it wouldn't be built until 2025 at the earliest. of previous $9 billion tunnel project was in the works. the fed offered to pay a third of that project but chris christie scrapped it fearing new jersey would be on the hook for the final tab. there is a meeting on august 18th between chris christie and cory booker. senator cory booker meeting with the transportation secretary, governor cuomo has been invited but at this point is tired of the talk and won't come to the table unless they're serious about changing things and putting a plan into place. that is the latest from a very rainy rutherford, new jersey. back to you in the city of. greg: your umbrella is working fine. rosanna: did you hear about this? someone who works for the white
8:15 am
house was reportedly arrested after shooting a gun at a u.s. capitol police officer. greg: she has a senior position at the white house, she is a special assistant to the president, and house legislative affairs liaison. that is a significant job. she confronted her boyfriend allegedly about cheating, she wanted to see a cellphone, things went downhill from there. she grabs his service weapon and fired it. she has been arrested and placed on leave from the white house. another picture of her at the white house, there is the white house, you know that. white house spokesperson said she has been placed on unpaid leave and access to this complex, the white house, has been revoked until they have more information. rosanna: those to base jumpers have been sentenced to community service for leading off of 1 world trade center. greg: they made the leap in 2013.
8:16 am
the judge did not sentence them to jail. prosecutors wanted 60 days in jail. the judge really elected them about their behavior, how dangerous it was. rosanna: especially from that building. they did this and the defendant's, quote, sullied the memories of those who jumped on 9/11 not for sport but because they had to. he was sentenced 200 hours of community service, mr. brady was given 250 hours. each was fined $2,000. a third defendant will be sentenced next week. greg: if you want to do in extreme sports or roseanne and i recommend not that but flag boarding. rosanna: not for everybody. greg: is it an extreme sport? you tell us. take a look if we can, a portion of this stuff. the white outs or rule. rosanna: legendary. greg: it took us at least, i felt i was doing it for three
8:17 am
hours before i got up and it was only 15 minutes. rosanna: you have to keep your legs completely stiff and varies nothing to hold on to. rosanna: is a completely stiff? they kept telling me listen up. rosanna: he wants you to lock your knees, and not bent. greg: i got a middle bit of altitude here. altitude. rosanna: this is not slow-motion, i will take it. down she goes. rosanna: you thought you were like a little bird. greg: i felt like that little bird for a minute or two. you look good in a wet suit by the way. rosanna: thank you. greg: some stability. rosanna: you were like a stunt man. greg: i thought i was tired and i turned out to be. that is five feet, 5-1/2 feet. i had no ability to turn. got a little bit later but we recommend this. not the base jumping.
8:18 am
mike woods, look at those love handles. got some water right at the right time. rosanna: you would have had a water ski. it is the complete opposite of waterskiing. >> meteorologist: i don't think this is like water skiing but it looks like a lot of fun. it is an extreme sport, extremely embarrassing. greg: don't miss it. rosanna: for me anyway. >> meteorologist: you guys did a good. i didn't have much faith in you but you did it. let's talk about the rain coming through here. we got flash flood watch in parts of the tristate region that does include all five burroughs, western long island of the hudson valley northeast new jersey including 4 new work where they have seen some solid rain coming crew 1 to 3 inches of rain is what we expect as we head through noon and that is when the heaviest rain will come by and turns to more scattered storms in the afternoon. so far what we have seen has not produced much in terms of thunderstorms but what comes in
8:19 am
the afternoon very well could and could see gusty winds with stronger storms that you could see the yellows, reds and oranges coming into western sections of nassau county into a suffolk county. also the lower hudson valley into connecticut toward the east as time goes on. it is a little more broken on. the cold front needs to sweet bye, warm for coming through with heavier rain this morning. at this point it gets more scattered behind it and there are going to be some thunderstorms as we go from lunchtime today. temperaturewise still sitting at 71 central park, 72 and newark, 71 in bridgeport with the dew points very high in the 65 to 70 degree range. a lot of fuel for the fire when it comes to the storms coming through. showers and storms today high temperature getting up to 80 degrees with heavy downpours at times, localized flooding could
8:20 am
very well be a problem, showers will come to look close tonight into tomorrow, clearing skies but can't rule out a quick isolated showers in the afternoon. 82 thursday, and another isolated storm possible saturday. sunny skies and a high of 85. this could come in handy, weather apps, live interactive radar which you can take to the street level and the different layers on and find out where the roadways are. and download at the apple itunes store, check out weather and you will find it there. let's bring in ines rosales. some more aegis downtown. >> a lot of red and orange, as you come close to the city. hudson river crossing traveling into the city from new jersey, gwb 40 minutes on the upper level, 30 on a lower level,
8:21 am
lincoln tunnel, there's a stalled bus and the exclusive bus lanes so everyone can use 495 has been cleared that you are left with at the lake and holland tunnels and minutes from the turnpike, 30 minutes from route 109. let's show you what a mess it is out there, very dreary and traffic flow on the lie. haven't heard about severe flooding but definitely ponding lest down on the lie commies downside you are fine. turnpike in front of newark airport. these are spots from heavy rain coming through so this is left over, slow traffic northbound on the turnpike car and truck lane the genius of extra time and take it easy. mike: huge deal, name is felicia day. rosanna: she has 2.4 million followers. rosanna: her book is you are never weird on the internet. i wonder -- greg: there seem to be plenty of
8:22 am
weird goes on the internet. rosanna: i got a few of those now and then. she is 7 years old. this is chelsea. greg: her birthday is the same feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy any sized iced coffee for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. ok. so everyone is saying 'hey, you've gotta get fios.' but why? why fios? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optics network to the home, so you can get 100% out of all your devices. and access to the fastest internet and in home wifi available from any provider. with big capacity too, so everyone in the house can be online all at once. only fios has 500 meg download speeds, with
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call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today.
8:25 am
greg: lauren simonetti from fox business network. >> google has a new name called out of that. think about it like this. google, google ventures, google ness, their service to the company, so many businesses so the brains at google as saying we have our main business, search business, you can continue to google search all day long, it will not be affected but we have other cool stuff like drones and everything but health-care lately. let's separate everything. we will tell you how each business is performing, put it
8:26 am
all under one umbrella, call that alphabet have more clarity for investors and for people who might want to come in to buy one of our companies though google stock is soaring and the nude for you and me doesn't mean anything because life goes on, business as usual but investors if the company comes in and moved up one of these google units that could be a big deal. greg: i will leave it to them to worry about. alphabet is the new name of the company. rosanna: so creative. >> yes. greg: we ask because? she is with child. rosanna: in a family way. >> two months. greg: i never heard it put that way. rosanna: two more months. >> 59 days to be exactly rosanna: for a first one is a >> i know. i hope that is not the case but i have heard that. rosanna: as long as they're
8:27 am
healthy that is good. it is healthy. greg: sheet, we know it is a girl. rosanna: we have been talking about the homeless and how we are seeing more and more homeless out on the streets.
8:28 am
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call 1-800-341-9716. >> bloomingdale's which the so-called livings and i hated it. curtis would make fun of me because i said you working college? isleworth and bloomingdale's. bloomings, gray work at blings. he made fun of me. is it funny? >> she is a great job. did you get a discount? >> we did, 20%. you combine it with the stuff is already on sale. rosanna: did you ever walk out with a paycheck or did you spend it all? >> i walked out of the paycheck
8:31 am
and then i blew a usually right away. what is going on? >> meteorologist: it is wet as you can see out there at bloomingdale's. the rain coming around the tristate region, flooding as well and i saw some localized flooding on the roadways, that would be slowing you down, flash flood watch up until 4:00 this afternoon. and the 1 to three inches of rain expected. the heaviest of the rain shifting to the east which is good news that the damage has already been done over the five grows in northeast new jersey but the heavier concentration of that rain is of a long island, you're getting hit pretty hard at this point, stony brook also seeing heavy showers out there. localized flooding is a potential problem. here's what we see on radar and satellite, heaviest rain making its way east, a is more broken
8:32 am
up as you head back over to new jersey, lower hudson valley starts to break above little bit too but it will take time for it to get out of that area. it is primarily in the morning we were concerned with the commute and that is happening, 72 and newark, 71 in bridgeport, 69 in poughkeepsie, dew points are running from 65 to 70 meaning there's lots of moisture available for these showers and storms the will continue at least through the mid day or so, temperatures get back to 75 by midday and high of 80, back to 79 for the ride home, showers become more infrequent but sent you could see storms that could produce gusty winds in the afternoon. high of 80, 85 tomorrow with a few isolated storms possible and sunny skies thursday, friday, saturday, a quick afternoon storm. a quick happy birthday. and a little better, raining on her birthday.
8:33 am
she looks like a little bit of attitude. happy birthday. >> her mother is chastity? >> meteorologist: what ever name is. happy birthday, joel c.. thank you. very good. >> it is my turn. >> waiting for it. >> let's talk about traffic. flooding definitely happening, new jersey, route 80 all lanes shutdown earlier accident involving multiple tracks if you are heading for the pocono area westbound exit 4 where everything is tied up. as far as your commute in queens, the bronx, on the bronx parkway south bound by the cross county blocking the lane. and throughout the area, traffic is a complete mess, the rain that is falling, it gwb, let's show you that camera shot on the
8:34 am
upper level, 30 minutes level, 40 at the lincoln level, 60 minute delay, holland tunnel twentieth you're traveling, 10 from the turnpike. at the airport, one hour at lunch -- newark -- trains are doing good, everything on or close. i am seeing a lot of them on the street. >> the mayor's reluctance to acknowledge it. an increase on the streets of new york. and lisa evers has more. >> it is all too common in the city, homeless people many facing obvious physical and mental health challenges wherever you go. knocking on the 4 dorsett is a
8:35 am
daily routine, sergeant benevolent association and mullins is asking his members to snap pictures of what they see on the streets. >> what we see as a result of these policies is permissive behavior and the city of new york. it is the katie see people lying in the street, ok to carry a gun, homicide rate going up, is a katie urinating public. >> the mayor says there are 3,000 homeless who live on the streets and and it seeks space in shelters. some panhandlers assumed to be homeless actually have homes. the mayor did not want to comment on mullins's proposal. >> all disrespect to are friends in the labor movement we have a police force that every day enforces the law in new york city and are quite familiar with what to do if they see a lot being broken. a member of the public sees a lot being broken they should report it so a police officer and deal with it. >> reporter: not everyone believes the 3,000 figure. a new apps was created by murray hill resident fed up by acts of
8:36 am
public urination and other behavior he saw in his neighborhood. >> members of the public sent pictures on the streets, the mayor announced a new program called and why c safe to help the mentally ill homeless, to get them into treatment. lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> david fox, software developer has developed a new apps called map the homeless in treating people to take pictures of homeless and document it and hopefully get some services the rosanna: what do you hope to get out of this? >> so we could make insights on why this is occurring where it is occurring the most and figure some things out. >> will the police monitor your apps all little bit? moderate. greg: download this apps, mack the homeless, i have that apps on my phone. i see a homeless person and then
8:37 am
what? >> take the picture, easy tag interface a huge and what is happening in the photograph and that structure we are able to query afterward to see what is happening where and at what time. rosanna: a lot of us see the same people day in data on the streets and want to do something to help them. this could be helpful, you never know, especially being monitored by new york city homeless. greg: you turn over the data to them? rosanna: couldn't they see themselves? >> you can see right now and i agree with you. sometimes we look right and these people and at least this is doing something, giving them a chance. greg: sometimes these sites in general, some of the comments can be quite negative. i would pay for this to degenerate into name calling is some of those folks are really suffering and could use help. >> this is not for shaming, this is for helping them and when people look at the photos, it is a sad experience.
8:38 am
i don't think anyone is saying screwed them. rosanna: at the same time there might be a little bit of fear because you go by and your concerns we had a situation of four homeless people and they were smoking something every day and deeper concern they would get violent and eventually they did. they punched a woman in the face. it was day in day out. we knew it was going to escalate. you don't know what to do. you call the police and sometimes it is not high on their 40 list. >> they will be able to see it. greg: what is the data telling you so far? where are the concentrations? >> we're seeing a big concentration a mayor around midtown. we have events in staten island, we're getting all over. greg: how many users joy you have? >> 650 users endeavour 100 pictures. rosanna: in the new york post they did a story about a man
8:39 am
they said was running with wolves, now he is sleeping with the rats. the family recognized their picture from the new york post yesterday. this guy was a stockbroker named william preston king. greg: and karen iran with the wolf of wall street guy. rosanna: he went into some spiral and his family noticed him on the picture. so sad. >> people can find people like that who have been lost. if you see someone. greg: we go to the apps store, give us your full name again? >> mack the homeless and is the web site. rosanna: bill baloney. greg: crazy about dogs and cats and birds. greg: trainer to these animals.
8:40 am
rosanna: four legged kind. greg: some have two legs. rosanna: he will be in a new show on discovery called from wags to riches. greg: let's go outside, rainy day all day long, slow steady feel like a kid again with dunkin's new cookie-flavored iced coffees. for a limited time, dd perks members can enjoy
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rosanna: i have got to pay
8:43 am
i have got to work work work every day >> this is classic what? rosanna: new song on the radio. rosanna: i can't name the tune. rosanna: the like it? you got to work every day to pay the bills. do you feel it? are you feeling it? greg: is a new or what? rosanna: i think it is somewhat new. greg: especial little treat. rosanna: let me know if it is new. it is new to me. greg: an interesting story in the wall street journal says next time you have a beef with your boss or everybody don't write a long silly e-mail criticizing him and everything
8:44 am
about it to your friend. it will hurt you ultimately. >> that is right. conventional wisdom has always said when you are angry she expressed it, event that a anchor but psychologists say it is may not be the best thing for you when you are angry and now in the modern world joy, sending that angry e-mail obama co-worker or loved one is probably not the best idea. people who did it is often feel worse after they sent the e-mail, you don't have the immediate face-to-face interaction and reaction, you tend to dwell on what you said. is out there in perpetuity, you can't take it back and in general psychologist recommend rather than sending a angry e-mail take a moment, take some time, try to distract yourself from the situation rather than dwelling on the angle. move on to another topic. that is better for the mentally. greg: a cartoon in the wall street journal, the guy is all fired up, fired off an e-mail
8:45 am
and hours later he is worried. oh oh. good reason to be worried. you write that e-mail it can be forwarded and can come back to give you a big problem is. >> exactly. in general we thought it was great forests, deep breathing. greg: i thought we were supposed to get it out. >> now psychologists say that makes you focus on it more. try to mention the go to another place. rosanna: that is great for not e-mailing the boss, you should do that in general, don't send that the mailing anger. >> don't be reactive. >> u.s. still doing that, stuff? >> have i digress? have the notice? >> still going to church, good stuff. anything else? >> very quickly, i am always talking about sleep, public health campaign in england is talking about sleep deprivation for the you can constituents and
8:46 am
they are saying lack of sleep or six hours or less of sleet can increase your risk of death by 12%, very high number. hormones are released when your see deprive the increase high blood pressure, our rate goes on to risk heart disease. early death. rosanna: let's take a break, shall we keep greg: raining outside. this girl is a big thing on nickelodeon and elsewhere. rosanna: she is 16 years old, number one show on nickelodeon, she has, look at her, season 2, bella and the bulldogs. greg: truth or dare show on nickelodeon. and all that stuff on her network.
8:47 am
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8:50 am
greg: we used to think on a rainy day you go to the movies, you don't hear that anymore. rosanna: the independent have kids. if you don't have kids then you are just like i am going to stay home and get on the covers. >> everything i say, you don't have kids, you don't understand. greg: i didn't mean it that way. very hurt emotionally. rosanna: ok if you want i will let you borrow mine for a few days. i am body trained. greg: he is a cool guy. anna gilligan, you are a few joy mom probably. >> my nephew turned 1 and was going through an open mouth kissing face, very cute.
8:51 am
ruling and feeding and wants to adorable. greg: huddy gets over that. >> maybe not. if you are thinking of going to a celebrity of restaurant doesn't mean you necessarily that and a list experience or even a great experience. justin timberlake at southern hospitality restaurant in hell's kitchen reportedly got a great bending card in its window. that is because it apparently died either a b or c grade. re our online says a got a copy of the city the part of health report and inspectors found evidence of mice and food contacts services not being properly washstands sanitize whose southern hospitality previously also got a b rating in 2013. the olsen twins manufacturing company is being sued by a former intern who is said to have filed a lawsuit in new york claiming she would work 50 hours
8:52 am
a week, sometimes late at night but was never paid and wasn't receiving school credit. she is reportedly seeking class-action status of estimates more than 40 unpaid interns will be eligible. the argument is the entrance where ms. classified as exempt from minimum-wage requirements and should have been paid. a spokesperson for the company told paid 6 they were unaware of the suit and refused to comment. pnc says mickey manage is not pregnant with -- despite saying this header content saturday night. >> my baby's father. >> my baby's father. everybody went nuts wondering if this means she is pregnant. emt says mickey uses the phrase baby father as a term of endearment and reportedly calls her mentor a little wayne baby fathered too. t m z says they do plan on having kids together according to their sources that mickey is traditional in some ways and
8:53 am
wants to get married first. rosanna: has some good songs going on. what we have here? greg: talking about you. this is romeo. very lovable. our friend bill as a new show wags to riches. look at him. this is the bull dog, he does love me. >> maybe he trained romeo to levy because that is what he does. greg: we will find out your life story coming the. >> and felicia, known as the queen of the, also an author. to look at him and her memoir. >> you know that.
8:54 am
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